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  General Information


The competition is called Extreme Jungle Carp Cup (later called "competition")

Organized by: Infinite Carp Baits GmbH, (later "organizer")

The venue of the competition is Lake Pölöske

Date of competition: 12.10.2019 - 19.10.2019

Arrival, assembly on the 12th of October 2019 at 07:00 am.

Registration: 12.10.2019 from 7:15 am until 09:00 am
Identifying teams, filling in the registration forms.

Peg draw: 12.10.2019 9:30 am.

Occupying pegs: 12.10.2019 from 12:00 am
Planned start of the competition: 12.10.2019, 03:00 pm
End of the competition: 19.10.2019 9:00 am
Awards and awarding ceremony at the drawing place: 19.10.2019, 01:00 pm

Entry and registration

Applying for the competition only available in written form:
Please write "EXTREME JUNGLE CARP CUP + Team Name and Contact Phone" in the message.
Organizer will send out the registration form and terms and conditions in the reply e-mail in which they ask you to fill out the forms and send it back to the email address.
The registration will be confirmed by the organizer and the organizer will send an acknowledgment to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form which will contain the registration number and the necessary details for the advance payment.
The registration is subject to the payment (registration fee 400 EUR stated on the reg. form) within 5 working days of the registration.
The teams will be registered on the entry list after receiving the registration fee of 400 EUR on the stated bank account.
The deadline for the remaining payment of  350 EUR will be 31.08.2019.
The fee includes for the entire team: 
- rent of the lake, fishing and extra services, 
- camping fees, communal costs, 
- regional ticket for the competition period 
- costs of organization and execution 
- the cost of commemorative coins and the cost of the trophies and the prize pool

In the order of entry, the teams will first draw the draw order. Then they will pull out their pegs in the order they are formed. The pull-out is not interchangeable.
The participant who does not register during the official registration period will not be able to attend the competition and the entry fee will not be refunded unless he/she has notified the organizers in advance by e-mail at with a reasonable excuse. The organizers will decide on the application and their decision will be final.
Late registrants whose registration is still accepted by the organizers will automatically be given the last number. If there are more than one of these teams they will draw in order of arrival at the scene. If a team can not reach the scene by the end of the official number draw, the organizers will decide on their participation.

Competition rules
The official start of the competition is marked by a horn, scheduled for 12.10.2019. 03:00 pm. 
The official end of the competition will be marked by a horn, 19.10.2019. 09:00 am 
The competition is an open international team competition. 
Teams can be formed by 2 + 1 people (optional), who is a full-fledged team member. 
Registration is limited to 45 teams + 2 reserve teams entries in the order of sending the registration form in. 
Each competitor must have a national fishing license for their country. 
A team can fish with 4 rods, with 1-1 single hooks per rod (barbless or barbed). 
Use of 4 illuminated buoys per team is permitted. 
Feeding and baiting is only allowed with boilies which will be checked by the jury/marshalls randomly. 
Plastic baits are not allowed! 
The minimum diameter of the boilies must be 15 mm, which can not be further carved. 
It is forbidden to use any live or dead (dried) animal, beetle, worm, larvae baits etc. for feeding. 
Each team should bring their own boat, as the organizer only can provide a limited number of boats. 
It is mandatory to use 1 boat lighting (any suitable, even headlamp, but it must be lit continuously when using the boat). 
Max. 2 boats per team during the comeptition! 
The teams must provide the boat engine and the battery or the life jacket. Life jacket is optional, but recommended.

Boat use is subject to the National Water Transport Rules. Under the influence of alcohol or other substances (such as drugs, medication, or combinations of these) the boat can only be used at its own risk. 
The use of any RC baitboats is forbidden! 
Feeding, baiting up and playing the fish from a boat are allowed. 
Teams can only stay within the zone designated by their designated sector buoys, and may not leave them for fishing-related activities (feeding, indenting, throwing, etc.). 
Playing a fish could be done without disturbing the adjacent teams as much as possible. While doing it, the angler can leave the sector, but has to return to the sector as soon as possible. 
Fishing can only be within the sector. It is forbidden to get out of the sector with fishing equipment!
In each case, one person must be there at the designated campsite! 
Accepting visitors is only possible during the day by prior arrangement and at night is forbidden! 
Framed cradle/unhooking cradle (only good quality), large landing net (min 42”) and carpcare spray required! 
At least 6 dense woven carp floating weigh/retainer sling per team are required (only 1 fish/retainer)! 
The use of braided lines is strictly prohibited. Hooklinks excluded. 
A minimum of 20m monofilament leader (taper leader etc.) is required with a minimum thickness of 0.55mm! 
The use of an unhooking carp cradle in boats is also mandatory, the fish must be released of the hook immediately after lifting into the boat. 
It is strictly forbidden to tow fish (in landing net etc.) 
Damaging fishing sites, damaging nature (clearing out reeds, rushes, trees, water lily) is strictly forbidden! 
Fire is only allowed in the designated location! The use of any kind of open flame on the peg is PROHIBITED. 
We ask the competitors to use ecological equipment to protect the environment and the integrity of the fish. 
The lake is rich in snags, underwater trees, so please be careful when fishing. 
For all border disputes, the judge's decision is binding on everyone. 
All competitors are required to execute the request and instruction of the Competition Judges/Marshalls! 
If the start time of the competition fails due to the weather, the organizers may postpone the start until the weather conditions are adequate. 
At the end of the competition on October 19, 2019, each team is required to leave their fishing grounds clean and tidy. 
All non-regulated issues not covered by these rules are governed by the resolutions of the organizers. 
The competitor acknowledges the risks by signing the registration form and the organizer is not liable for any liability arising from non-compliance with the rules. 
The competition is strictly based on the "Catch and Release" policy.

Rules of weighing
Only the 5 largest carp will be evaluated for the competition. The smallest fish is to be considered is 8 kg! 
Fish weighed twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, if another valuable fish catch was made, in this case, please send the word "CARP" and the peg number to the telephone number 0043/69918069966 in text message. 
Some of the places on the lake can only be approached by boat, so weighing is only feasible like that. We really appreciate of your understanding about this situation. 
From storing to weighing, the fish must be stored in suitable carp bags at an appropriate water depth. 
A member of the team, the referee/marshall and another person accredited by the organizer must be present at the weighing. 
The documentation of the measurement must be certified by a member of the team by signing. 
Each fish caught must be individually labeled with grams of accuracy (for example 8875gr). 
If  there is a discrepancy between the weighing sheets of the competitor and the judge, the entry on the weighing sheet  of the judge will be valid. 
There is no challenging of the weighing post-entry.

During the weighing, priority will be given to the photo taken by the referee for the purpose of documenting the competition, and then the photographs may be taken for private use, but the fish must be released immediately after weighing in the presence of the judge.
We consider weighing the more than 15kg carps as soon as possible. In this case, please send us the word "BIG" and the number of the fishing peg in txt to 0043/69918069966.
Only the 5 largest carp will be evaluated for the competition. 
Only carp weighs 8 kg or more in the competition will be accepted. 
In the case of identical weights, the team with the highest weight catch is the priority.
If there is still a tie, priority is given to the team with the highest average catch weight (total weight / piece).

1st place: 5000 EUR 
2nd place: 3000 EUR 
3rd place: 1000 EUR 
Biggest fish: 1000 EUR 
The above mentioned  rewards is only valid from a minimum of 30 registered teams!

Exclusion rules
The use of any external assistance will result in immediate exclusion.
 Failure to comply with the rules, inappropriate behavior for a carp angler, or the non-cultural treatment of the fish will be immediately excluded from the competition.
 Highly drunk, loud teams will be disqualified after the first warning.
 There is an immediate disqualification if the team wants  to include the fish they did not catch (fish brought).
 Immediate disqualification if the team are negligent and the fish gets mutilated by accident.
 Immediate disqualification if the team using  prohibited baits and unauthorized devices.
 Immediate disqualification ift the team starts feeding and fishing before the official start of the competition.
  Cheating in the competition result in immediate disqualification. 
 The organizers have the right, both during the competition and at the time of the announcement, to impose sanctions on anglers, teams or helpers if they commit an offense.


Objection, the notification of competitor activity contrary to the Competition Rules. Objection can only be submitted in writing. It has to be done within 60 minutes from observation.
Teams are required to assist the organizer accredited media, give interviews, photo and film.
 By signing the registration form, the contestants acknowledge that they may be subject to video recording or photograph, which may be freely displayed in the media.
 At the request of the organizer of the competition, the competitors must remove the footage from the media.